Phalcon is most popular and elegant PHP framework it is build in as C-extension therefore it is most powerful and very fast PHP framework.

Phalcon has the following features

  • Phalcon is a MVC based PHP framework.
  • Uniquely built as C-extension, meaning it’s absolutely blazing fast.
  • Phalcon uses very few resources in comparison to other frameworks
  • Very fast processing of HTTP requests, which can be critical for developers working with systems that don’t offer much overhead.
  • ORM
  • Caching
  • Auto-loading components
  • Support for PHP 7.
  • Its own SQL dialect: PHQL
  • Object Document Mapping for Mongo DB.
  • Template engines
  • Phalcon is ideal for building both performance REST APIs, as well as full-fledged web applications.

Phalcon Benchmark Testing

Phalcon shows the highest performance benchmark among others, with the lowest system memory usage, according to system architecture. Phalcon comes with bundles of scalable features that make it the perfect choice for creating high-performance web applications project quickly & efficient.


Google Trends:

According to Google trends Phalcon is not trending.

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